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Every year, our country attracts many foreign high school students who wish to discover our beautiful country and share the daily life of a volunteer host family.

These young international students come from 5 continents and have interests and personalities as varied as those of the volunteer families who welcome them. It is then an opportunity for these families to share a common passion with a foreign student such as sport (football, tennis, etc.), music, theater, etc. for 2, 5 or 10 months!

The complete profiles of young people are accessible online, only for families selected and validated by YFU France (questionnaire, home visit and validation of the association). If you are interested in the adventure, we invite you to fill out the information questionnaire.

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All our foreign high school students arrived in France for the start of the September 2022 school year and have all found a host family. We are starting a new year of exchange full of discoveries, joys and sharing. Another big thank you to all our host families who generously decided to open their doors and share their daily lives. Every year, thanks to you, hundreds of high school students live their dream! 

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