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As soon as the school year begins, around a hundred young foreign high school students, between 15 and 18 years old, arrive in France to discover the life of a French high school student. On the program: schooling in a local high school and immersion in a voluntary host family for a period of 5 to 10 months.

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This exceptional human and cultural experience will allow your family to open up to another culture!

Welcome a young person into your home. Your family will be enriched by the presence of a new member by knowing how to listen to them, discuss and help them integrate into an environment that is often very different from their own. Day after day, everyone learns to discover a new world and the values of others. Opening the doors of your home is another way of traveling for all members of the family and why not, an opportunity to awaken children's curiosity or taste for a culture they do not know.

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What is hosting with YFU like?

Join a Volunteer based Organization

The association relies on a network of volunteers who are involved in supporting young people and families who are embarking on the adventure. Reception with YFU is voluntary. By hosting, you join a network of 4,000 families who have hosted in France for 60 years, and 225,000 around the world.

Share our Values

Respect for diversity, individual responsibility, dialogue, cooperation, conflict resolution through consultation and the search for consensus... These values are shared by all YFU countries and serve as a guiding principle for the actions of all its volunteers and participants . Choosing to welcome with YFU means choosing to live these values in daily relationships.


Aged 15 to 18, the young person welcomed shares your daily life like a child of the family. Your new child adapts to your family rules, lives at your pace and goes to the local high school like any other young person. You are not a hotel, it is not an au pair: you live together by sharing your habits, without changing them but by explaining them

Build Bonds that last a lifetime

Families welcome for a semester or a school year. Welcoming over time means going beyond the stage where everything is new, and learning to live together as we are. This learning often goes through a delicate period, necessary to go beyond the “tourist” side and create an in-depth relationship where everyone learns from the other.

3 steps to become a Host Family
"Paola chez les Laffargue"
Les Laffargue nous en dise plus au sujet de l'accueil de la mexicaine Paola au sein de leur famille
- Laurent
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